Pattern Club FAQ

What is included in the pattern club monthly subscription?

For only $10 each month you'll receive an exclusive embroidery pattern in your inbox! Each month's instruction guide is packed with information. Your PDF will include a materials list, fabric and hoop recommendations, how I measure and split thread, tips to threading a needle, knotting thread, and finishing a piece of thread while stitching, a pattern outline, pattern transfer tips, detailed stitch guide with photos and descriptions, a thread color guide, a pattern stitch guide, and instructions on how to finish a design in an embroidery hoop. This is a digital subscription only — nothing will be shipped to you.

What skill level is required for these patterns?

Each pattern is created with beginners in mind and is great for stitchers of all skill levels! Patterns include detailed descriptions, photos of how to sew each embroidery stitch, and a step by step guide to creating each design.


These patterns are also great for advanced stitchers. Each pattern uses familiar and new stitches to build up your hand embroidery stitch library, and techniques in new ways to create pattern and texture.

When will I get my pattern?

You will receive your pattern the day you sign up! After subscribing, your pattern and instruction guide will be delivered to your inbox as a PDF download.


Each month after that you will receive your new pattern on the day you selected at check out. If you don't see your pattern email, you can also login in at the bottom of the Pattern Club page to download your pattern. If you to receive your pattern earlier, just update your subscription here.

Can I share my pattern?

Each pattern is intended for personal use only. You can make the pattern as many times as you would like, however, please do not share your pattern with other people, sell your finished products/copies of this pattern, or copy any part of the pattern instructions.

What pattern will I receive each month?

Each month's pattern is an exclusive and original design. To see what pattern will be available each month, follow along on Instagram @MCreativeJ

What if I don't like the monthly pattern or want
to cancel?

I do not offer refunds, however, you can cancel your club membership at any time. Pattern Club memberships can also be updated to bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual subscriptions. Make changes to your membership here.

Can I buy an individual pattern?

Yes! Individual PDF patterns are available in the PDF Pattern section of my website.