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12 Desert Designs to Complete Your Wanderlust Decor

My husband and I have been out looking for our first home. Looking at all these different houses has me thinking what kind of decor I'd want to include in our family home. As you can probably tell from my aesthetic, the desert is a big part of what I love and something I'd pretty much have to include in whatever kind of home we purchase. So here's a few desert inspired things that bring me joy. And if we close on a house anytime soon (the Seattle market is bonkers), then hopefully I can add a few of these pieces to our life too.

Callahan Ceramics makes the most delightful desert ceramics. From cup to planters I love all of his handmade desert designs.

Warmth by ColorbloKC is a gorgeous way to bring the desert to any space.

From the table to the walls this Lily and Lark desert rope basket is both functional and lovely.

Craft your own desert landscape with The Modern Crafter Sunset Punch Needle Kit.

This Sunset Clay wall hanging by Shiloh and Rose adds a touch of the desert in a modern minimalist design.

Add a pop of color to any article of clothing or accessory with this Tulip Cake Recycled Desert Patch. These iron on patches also help support the Environmental Defense Fund!

Add delightful desert decor to your bookcase or child's room with these wooden desert sun landscape book ends by Maple Shape Kids.

Make the desert a statement piece with this modern macrame wall hanging by Teddy and Wool.

MCreativeJ cactus desert patterns are a delightful way to learn a new craft and enjoy the desert. This design is available in both Daytime Desert and Nighttime Desert kits.

Stained glass has become a love of mine and this Sunset Scene Stained Glass Planter by Good Luck Glass Co combines both my love of plants, the desert, and stained glass.

These abstract Desert Day planters by Pepper Palm delightfully mix art and function to make your houseplants a work of art.

Mirrored Mountains quilt pattern by Cloth and Crescent is a snuggly way to design your own desert.

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.**


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