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6 Murder Mystery Reads to Thrill Your Spring Reading

Audiobooks and Embroidery: April Murder Mystery Round Up

If you've been following along with my Audiobooks and Embroidery series, you know that I love murder mysteries. And this collection of reads is no exception. I may or may not have gone a little hard on Elly Griffiths books lately. She has quite a few murder mystery series and at the moment I'm deep into the Ruth Galloway titles.

Hopefully this series helps you find a new murder mystery read to enjoy while you craft. These titles helped me through quite a few embroidery projects, as you'll hear about towards the end of this post.

Murder Mystery Reads

Buried on The Fens by Joy Ellis

Buried on The Fens by Joy Ellis

When an unknown skeleton is found in a churchyard old horrors are brought to the surface. While DI Nikki Galena's team is trying to figure out who the skeleton is, a serial killer is at large on the Fens. Are these cases related? Do they all tie back to buried secrets?

If you love putting together a puzzle, then this mystery is for you. Two seemingly unrelated cases tie together and it's a doozy to figure out who the killer really is. I've come to learn that the titles of each of these books in the Nikki Galena series tie into multiple meanings in the case.

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

A young woman is found murdered by four college students. While the police can’t prove the students killed her, there are lingering doubts. These doubts resurface when the case, now cold, is brought up for review.

I found this book to be an interesting look at many sides of the same case. Innocent yet accused students, the family who wants justice, the detectives who are searching for answers. While I don't want to give anything away, I had a feeling early on that more was being covered up that was said. Additionally, when alibis start getting handed out by those who shouldn't be, it became clear to me who the killer was. Much like cold cases, this book takes a long time to come together and pull the essential elements of the case into focus.

The Janus Stone by Joy Ellis

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths

A local forensic archeologist finds herself entangled in a murder investigation. Ruth Galloway is called upon to investigate bones found at a construction site that could be linked to a Roman-era ritual sacrifice. As Ruth and Detective Nelson investigate, modern life and history become entwined.

When I first started this book, I found some of the historical terminology and the jumping timeline confusing. Once I became more comfortable with it, I was quickly sucked into the romanticism of archeology and the thrill of discovering not only who bones were but also who murdered them. Along with crime solving, Griffiths manages to tie in the messiness of life.

The House at Sea's End: Ruth Galloway, Book 3

The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths

Continuing on with the Ruth Galloway series, Ruth finds herself investigating a crime from World War II. When modern day murders start to happen as the investigation begins, it becomes clear they're linked.

While this book's mystery was intriguing, I felt that the plot was more focused around Ruth, Detective Nelson, and their child. As someone who is mostly interested in the murder mystery part of the storyline, I found this a little annoying.

A Room Full of Bones by Joy Ellis

A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

When the coffin of a bishop is found at a construction site, Ruth is called upon to open the remains and review them to see if they are actually those of the Smith ancestors. This unveiling, however, leads to another murder and subsequent investigation into a drug smuggling ring.

I appreciated that this book let Ruth focus on the forensic archeology side of things and that the police did most of the investigating. The dynamic between Ruth and Detective Nelson is exceedingly awkward (not to give too much away) and was slightly cringy but also plausible at times.

A Dying Fall by Joy Ellis

A Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths

After Ruth's old university friend is found dead in a house fire, Ruth receives a letter from him asking for her help. Intrigued, she visits Blackpool to see if he really has found the bones of Kind Arthur. But what she doesn't know is that Detective Nelson and his wife also also vacationing in the area and that white supremecists are taking action in the area.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that it took me this far into the series to realize the reason I'm enjoying it so much is because it's reminiscent of the TV show Bones. Admittedly this series has more mystical and religious undertones, but they're still very similar.

The Embroidery Side of Things

So what have I been stitching while bingeing Elly Griffiths books? A lot of things actually!

This month I submitted my DIY Embroidered Shoes book to my editor. There was some last minute stitching and lot of computer work that went into that project.

Spider Web and Plants Embroidered Show from DIY Embroidered Shoes book

Additionally, I did a lot commuting to craft shows and workshops. Audiobooks made the journey so much more enjoyable. Especially with all the rain and traffic in the Pacific Northwest.

Along with all of this, I decided I need to embroider a pair of overalls for a photoshoot. I'm getting some professional photos taken (ok, not super professional, just crafty professional seeing as I'm wearing embroidered overalls) and thought, why not decide at the last minute to change up my wardrobe. Very practical I know. They're still in the works, so wish me luck in finishing them in time!

Denim Patch Design

***Thanks for reviewing my recommendations. This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase an item listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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