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9 Gallery Wall Essentials: Easy Ways to Create and Curate Your Eclectic Home Decor

For October I created a Gallery Wall design for Pattern Club. It features lovely landscapes, a cactus pennant, and a potted ZZ Plant. It's a fun and beginner-friendly embroidery project. One of the questions I often get asked about my embroidery is, "What do you do with it once you're finished stitching?" And my go-to response is, "Show off your hard work! Hang it up for everyone to see!"

A gallery wall is the perfect way to display your embroidery along with other wonderful treasures. Here's a few fun products that would make wonderful additions to your gallery wall:

Elevate any embroidery by framing it. These simple and elegant wooden embroidery hoop frames from Stitch Life Studio make it easy to frame and display your work.

These metal pictures frames will add a modern sculptural element to any space. As an added bonus, these picture hangers by Dusk Shaped are also eco-friendly!

For uncommon picture sizes, try these wooden magnetic picture hangers by Hanger Frames. I have a few of these in my guest room. I realized some of my prints I've collected from travels are unusual sizes and didn't want to have to pay for custom printing. These hangers made an elegant solution.

I love adding greenery to as many spaces as I can. Try these macrame air plant holders by Desert and Coast to add a touch of fiber art and greenery to your gallery wall.

Want the greenery without the water? Try this adorable cactus felt garland by Felting Point.

Because I love landscapes and all things fiber art, I had to include this minimal quilted wall hanging by Excell Quilt Co. Available in a variety of sizes, these quilted wall hanging would make lovely gallery wall additions or statement pieces.

Along with combining different shapes, I love adding texture to my gallery wall. This metal geometric wall hanging by Metrix Jewelry would add a modern minimalist touch to a gallery wall.

Pennants are always in style! This modern plant and palms camp pennant by Oxford Pennants would go perfectly in a gallery wall.

Printables are another great way to decorate a space. They're cost effective and you can print them to whatever size you want. Try this midcentury modern printable set from We Create Prints.

** This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase something linked in this post, I may receive a small percentage of the sale. **


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