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Back to Craft: August Supply Stock Up

About this time of year, many parents are school supply shopping. As a kid, I loved getting a pristine new backpack, an unmarred pencil case, and crisp new notebooks. These new supplies filled me with optimism and excitement for the new year.

I have a feeling this is also why I love buying craft supplies :P

Instead of back to school shopping, you can stock up on some new craft supplies for yourself! This August, I'm hosting my first ever, Back to Craft Sale. Each week you can save on supplies to add to your crafting stash.

August 9-15: Needle books, needle minders, and project bags

Save 15% on all needle books, needle minders, and project bags! Each are individually made and one of a kind, so you'll never see another like it. Plus, they're the perfect way to store your stitching supplies and keep your needles from stabbing you. Use code BackToCraftWeek1 at checkout!

August 16-22: Ice dyed fabric and embroidery hoops

Save 15% on all ice dyed fabrics and embroidery hoops. Ice dyed fabrics are hand dyed in my studio and each are one of a kind. The embroidery hoops are a mixed assortment/de-stash from my studio. If you've ever wanted to try a new shape or type of hoop, check out the selection. Use code BackToCraftWeek2 at checkout!

August 23-29: Crafty Supplies

Looking for even more crafting supplies? This week pin/pendant settings, scissors, binder clips, bandanas, and tote bags are 15% off! Use code BackToCraftWeek3 at checkout!


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