Celebrate Spring with 6 Stitchy Projects from MCreativeJ

Updated: Mar 9

Spring is just around the corner! I love this time of year because all the greenery and pops of color start to appear. And while the Seattle area is already pretty green, spring adds a whole new dimension. From the Seattle cherry blossoms to the Mount Vernon tulips, the landscape is about to be awash with color. So while we wait for spring to arrive, check out these spring inspired patterns, kits, and workshops.

Inspired by trips to visit my Father-In-Law during the spring, this Mountain and Tulips embroidery kit is the perfect way to welcome spring. If you're familiar with the Washington tulip fields, then you'll know all about the rainbows of color that start popping up this time of year. If not, be sure to visit the Mount Vernon area or at least Google photos, because the flower fields are gorgeous!