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Create a Buzzing Garden with MCreativeJ's New Embroidered 'Bees Among Clover' Stitch Kit

Bees Among Clover Embroidery Kit

Happy National Embroidery Month! To celebrate the month that's all about embroidery, I have a new embroidery kit for you to stitch: Bees Among Clover. This is my second new kit of the new year and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

What inspired the Bees Among Clover Kit:

Bees Among Clover was inspired while taking my pups for their daily walk. My two wrinkly fur babies have specific spots they like to stop along our walk. One of those spots has a vibrant clump of red clover plants in the spring and summer. At first I didn't take much notice of this clover along our walks, but with each time we stopped, I took more and more notice. So much so that I turned this idea into an embroidery kit!

Bees Among Clover Embroidery Kit

What type of kit is Bees Among Clover?

Bees Among Clover is an intermediate embroidery kit. It's a great kit to move from the comfort of a beginner design to the slightly more challenging intermediate pattern. This kit covers the split back stitch, leaf stitch, detached chain stitch, straight stitch, and couching stitches. Some of these embroidery stitches are used in more unconventional ways, making this kit an intermediate design.

What's included in the Bees Among Clover Kit?

Bees Among Clover includes all the materials you'll need to create this botanical design. Each kit comes in a cardboard box. Inside you'll find the following materials wrapped in tissue paper: a beechwood oval hoop, blue pattern cotton fabric, felt, full skeins of DMC embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, sawtooth hook, a water soluble transfer design, and printed, full color, step-by-step photo instructions to walk you through the design from start to finish.

Bees Among Clover Embroidery Kit close up

What do I do with Bees Among Clover after it's stitched?

Each kit includes materials and step by step instructions to walk you through how to finish the embroidery in the hoop. Hoop finishing allows you to hang the embroidery just like a framed photo.

Where can I find more intermediate embroidery kits?

The MCreativeJ online shop has a wide variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced embroidery kits for you to stitch. Find all our intermediate kits.


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