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Embroidery Essentials: Craft Supplies to Make Hand Embroidery Easier and Fun

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Embroidery has been my passion for more than 5 years. Along with the love of stitching, there are also tons of fun and useful products that make hand embroidery easier and more fun. Here's some of my go-to embroidery essentials:

My friend Paige of PonderosaCreative makes amazing Thread Gloss! This stuff is like conditioner for your thread and is amazingly helpful for knots, tangles, and working with a large number of strands. Your thread will thank you for this.

Needle minders are a great way to hold your needle while working on a project. I love that these magnetic miracles are strong enough to hold your needle and delicate enough to not damage the project your working on. I'm ashamed to admit I've lost a few needles while stitching in bed or on the sofa and they're seriously hard to find. There are hundreds of options to choose from on Etsy and I've featured a few designs I really enjoy. Feeling Stabby by Snarky Crafter, Desert Cacti by MCreativeJ, Grow by Brynn and Co, and I Never Finish Anyth... by Snarky Crafter.

A pair of cute scissors always makes embroidery more fun. Plus, the little size makes it easier to cut small threads. These magical unicorn scissors are just some of the creative options available in Crafty Wool Felt's shop. I have the gold pair and they always make me smile when I use them.

When organizing my thread, I have boxes on boxes like these. I find it's useful to sort threads by color. The boxes help me easily see what colors I have available and I can pull them out colors to mix and match for different projects. These craft boxes can be found at most craft stores in either the thread or bead sections.

Inside my thread boxes, I wind my thread on bobbins labelled with the thread color. I usually use the plain plastic ones found at most craft stores. If you're feeling fancy, you can also find thread bobbins in all sorts of fun shapes and animals, like these cute hedgehog bobbins by Etsy shop Pip and Chip. Aren't they adorable?

While this loose leaf binder ring might look like your standard office supply, this is essential to any embroidery project. When pulling colors for a design, I always put them on a binder ring. This why, I can see all the colors I'm using for a project and I don't lose any.

I do a lot of crafting on the go. While commuting to and from work, while riding in the car, while attending a craft fair- embroidery is extremely portable and having a zippered project bag makes it easier to carry everything around with me.

Along with a needleminder, I keep my extra needles in a needle book. These fabric books comes with felt pages that can easily hold all of your needles. This is very helpful if you're prone to loosing a needle, are using different sized needles for your project, or just want something cute to hold the needles you're not currently using.

What about transferring a design on to my embroidery? For that I use the DMC Transfer Pens. I love these pens because they last a pretty long time and wash away with water. These pens make it easy to change your mind about a design or add in things as you stitch.

And when you're finished stitching, these beautiful embroidery frames by Stitch Life Studio make displaying a finished embroidered design easy. Simply pop a finished embroidery, hoop and all, into this frame and secure with an elastic on the back.

Ok, not really an essential, but why wouldn't you want to decorate your thread box, project bag, or sewing machine with one of these cute embroidery stickers?

**Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.**


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