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Embroidery Workshops at Not Without Salt

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I love meeting people at events. While vending at the Renegade Seattle Summer Show, I met Hina of Not Without Salt. Hina works at the intersection of food and craft, curating workshops for local blogger, writer, and food lover Ashley Rodriguez's shop, Not Without Salt.

You probably know Ashley from her blog (of the same name) and her cookbooks. Over the past 10 years Ashley has been sharing her life and food online. The Not Without Salt shop, is an extension of her online presence and features some of her favorite products, along with a way to connect more closely with the community through private dinners, workshops, and pop ups. Hina is the other half of Ashley's team and is passionate about sharing the voices of local artisans and connecting local makers with the greater Seattle area community.

In October, I hosted my first embroidery workshop, featuring a botanical, zebra plant design, in their intimate gathering space. The class offered participants a relaxed space to learn how to embroider. Each participant was able to learn embroidery basics, new stitches, have one-on-one instructor time, ask questions, and make a great start on their zebra plant embroidery. Plus, Ashley and Hina baked up delicious treats for the class, including golden raisin scones and Ashley's famous salted chocolate chip cookies.

I loved sharing my passion for embroidery with others through the workshop and can't wait to teach more classes at the Not Without Salt shop. If you'd like to join me for a holiday ornament and cookie baking class, visit the Not Without Salt website for workshop details.



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