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For the Love Of Craft: Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost, Maker, Designer, Lady-Knots-A-Lot, Bothell, WA

Sarah Frost is the artist behind Collectanea. She has a background in graphic design, but she's always been more satisfied working in three dimensional crafts rather than 2D design. Whether it's wood burning, macrame, or knitting.... Sarah finds it satisfying and fulfilling to work with her hands every day, one knot at a time.

Have you always wanted to be an artist? What inspired you to start creating?

I have been making for as long as I can remember - channeling it into the mixed-media craft of macrame has been particularly fulfilling and inspiring to me!

Where do you find inspiration?

I'm inspired by graphics, mid-century art and design, plants, furniture, you name it!

How have you, as an artist, found your creative voice?

When I started doing macrame, I was doing what I saw other people doing -- driftwood with natural cord, bohemian style. When I went to photograph some of the work, I realized it didn't go with any of our home decor or style.... because it WASN'T my style. From there it became a matter of how do I make macrame more mid-century without being too retro or dated. That's where the colors and the wood shapes came from. I have my husband to thank for venturing into the colors.

Where do you create your artwork?

In what would be the "dining area" of our tiny Bothell apartment.... and then I spill over into a storage unit...

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or creative business people?

Keep at it. Find what makes YOU happy - don't design for other people or what you think is "on trend" at the moment. By the time you get there, the trend will be over.

How do you build community as an artist? How has the creative community helped you grow and share your art?

Markets have been a huge part of why I love being a maker. The community at all shows whether it's a tiny pop up or a huge convention is awesome - the vast majority of makers are super nice humans who are ready and willing to be good booth neighbors, share tips, help give a new perspective to your work, and raise each other up!

For more on Sara Frost, check out her website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. All photos provided by Sarah Frost.



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