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Homebody Weekly: June 12

I want to start this Homebody Weekly by giving gratitude to the maker community and all you wonderful people who are following along on my embroidery journey. The past few weeks have been a lot of learning, relearning, and processing. And the maker community has stepped up to support of Black Lives Matter. I think it's important to share that while I've been silent, it's because I've been listening, learning, and having conversations with those around me. I believe Black Lives Matter and they should matter to all of us. I haven't said much because there are so many more well informed and educated Black voices that we should be listening and learning from. I've come to understand that my place of privileged and whiteness needs to take a backseat as I continue to learn and be a better ally.

A few things I've found helpful:

On the embroidery front, June saw the launch of the newest Pattern Club design. I'm excited to share that this month's pattern is actually 2 designs. I started with a modern houseplant scene and then expanded upon it to create the second more intricate design.

Over the last few weeks I also shared some of my essential embroidery tools and different ways to transfer embroidery designs.

If you still can't get enough embroidery, be sure to check out my new series 5 Ways to Embroider Your Life.

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.***

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