Homebody Weekly: Settling Into Our New Home

Updated: Jan 4

Well, I wouldn't necessarily call us settled yet, but we live here now. Like all new things, our house has come with a learning curve. I'm learning what trades people to call to get things fixed and Googling all sorts of odd home questions like, "Baseboard vs. wall casing", "Why do my wood floors squeak?" and "strip to attached to bottom of door to close gap." I'm sure Google is like, "new home owner alert! Re-targeting ads."

To be fair, our house is starting to feel more like a home every day. We didn't have a whole lot of furniture when we moved, so we've started finding pieces for a few rooms to start. The pandemic has proved to make this process a little harder than it usually would be.

Furniture shopping has been interesting... Most places don't let you sit on furniture. I understand why, but how am I supposed to know if a sofa is comfortable or not if I can't try it out? I took a gamble and ordered this sofa from Amazon. The reviews seemed pretty good, shipping was fast, and I've found returns/exchanged to be easy so I figured worst case scenario, I'd return it. This sofa arrived in the biggest box I've ever seen. Once we unpackaged it though, it fit right into our upstairs living room. This is one gamble that paid off.

I also joined my local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook and let's just say I was not prepared. That group is a bit overwhelming for me. I love the concept, I just can't stay up to date on how rapidly things are shared. Are you a Buy Nothing Group fan? Spill your secrets! I've heard you can find real gems.

We have tons of windows in our new house and I'm loving all the sunshine. But that also means we need some sort of window coverings. My husband and I are still debating curtains vs. blinds (team curtains over here), so I found these lovely privacy cling