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How to Create an Embroidered Award

Have you ever wanted to create an award? An award for a helpful neighbor, for this week's best dishwasher, or for recognizing a special friendship. There are so many great ways to recognize those who make life that much better. So let's use embroidery to create an award that can be gifted, shared, and hung up for all to see.


- 5x5 inch square of cotton fabric

- 9x4 inch piece of cotton fabric

Let's stitch some awards!

1. Place the 5x5 inch fabric in the embroidery hoop. Make sure the fabric is taught. Need fabric recommendations? Try this post or this one for some of my favorite online fabric finds.

2. Using the transfer pen, write what the award is for onto the fabric. Need some ideas? Here's some great awards from the Students Rebuild Changemaker Challenge. This year Students Rebuild is shining a light on those who are creating change in their community. Big or small, all can be recognized with a changemaker award.

3. Next, thread your embroidery needle with 3 strands of embroidery thread and knot the end of the thread. Use the back stitch to embroider the lettering. For bold lettering, use multiple rows of back stitch.

4. Remove any excess transfer pen marks. Depending on the type of transfer pen used, this may vary.

5. Trim the fabric to a 1-inch circle around the embroidery hoop.

6. Thread the embroidery needle and use the running stitch to gather the fabric at the back of the embroidery hoop.

7. Cut the 9x4 inch fabric in half, making two 9x2 inch strips. Cut one end of each strip to point.

8. Trace an outline of the embroidery hoop onto the felt, using the transfer pen. Cut out the felt and attach the sawtooth hook to the 3 inch felt circle.

9. Using the running stitch, attach the two fabric strips to the back of the embroidery hoop where the fabric is gathered. The strips should overlap on the back of the embroidery.

10. Finally, thread the embroidery needle and knot the thread. Then use the whip stitch to attach the felt to the back of the embroidery. When going around the hoop, stitch through the fabric strips to secure them in place.

11. You're done! Now it's time to give your award to the honoree.

If you want to make an even bigger difference with your award, take a photo and share it with Students Rebuild. Each award shared with them, will be matched with a $5 donation to support nonprofits recognizing youth and educational changemakers.

*** Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase an item linked in this article, I many receive a small percentage of the sale. ***


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