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How To Embroider The Tucked Satin Stitch - A Video Tutorial

The tucked satin stitch allows for a smooth, even appearance of an angled or irregular shape. I like to use this stitch when I want to have the smooth appearance of the satin stitch and keep all of my stitches fanning out from one direction. Here's how we'll embroider the tucked satin stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler pattern. Get the pattern here or join Pattern Club and stitch along with us. Watch the video and check out the step-by-step tutorial below.

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

1. Start by bringing your needle up from the back to the front of the fabric at a corner of the wider section of the shape you want to fill with the tucked satin stitch.

2. Make one satin stitch along the shapes edge.

3. Bring the needle back up next to the start of the previous satin stitch.

4. Make another satin stitch that is about half the length of the previous satin stitch. Add a third stitch right next to the previous stitch. This stitch will start next to the previous stitch, and be slightly above the previous satin stitch at the top. The top of the stitch should overlap. This is because we want the wider section to be filled in while the top half remains the same size.

5. After a few rows, add another straight satin stitch.

6. Continue filling in the shape.


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