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I'm Taking MCreativeJ Full Time!

One thing you might not know about me, is that up until the beginning of this month (June 2022), I worked a full-time day job along with MCreativeJ.

Now you might be thinking "SAY WHAT?" or "How is that even possible?". And you'd be right. It's been pretty hard to balance the two over the past few years. ⁠

When I began MCreativeJ, it truly was a side hustle. Something I did mostly for fun and was excited to make a little extra spending money. Since then, things have changed - A LOT.

I've grown as an artist and thanks to you, my business has flourished.⁠

Because of your amazing support, I'm now able to take my small business full time!

Starting this month, I am my own boss and am focusing on my small business. I'm so thrilled to start this new chapter of MCreativeJ and am beyond grateful you've helped me make this happen!

Thank you for being amazing and your continued support of my small business.



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