In The Tropics - An Easy Way to Add Tropical Plants to Anything

Earlier this summer, I started stitching tropical plants onto a t-shirt. I wanted to push myself to try something new with something I love- plants. So I switched up the colors and had fun. I ended up loving this design so much that I actually added multiple embroidered plant motifs to the shirt before calling it good. And after this project, I wanted to keep stitching these tropical plants in playful colors. I just couldn't stop! So I created a whimsical bow scrunchie tutorial that's now on the blog.

As I was working on the scrunchie tutorial, I realized how helpful it would be for my fellow makers if I turned my tropical plant designs into easy to use patterns. Thus, the new In The Tropics Peel Stick and Stitch patterns were created.

This new pack of water soluble embroidery patterns comes in 8 different leaf designs. From escargot to spotted begonia and swiss cheese to calathea leaves, and more this pack is full of fun designs to choose from!

Each pattern is super easy to use and you can mix and match to create your own pattern! Simply peel off the backing, stick the pattern on to your fabric, stitch over the pattern, then wash away the design. It's that's easy.