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New Collection: Tropical Plants

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I'm thrilled to share that Tropical Plants is my first collection of 2020. This collection evokes a sun-filled, botanical experience and invites a sense of summer into your life.

So where did this inspiration come from?

Who doesn't love a warm, sunny beach during the dreary month of January? My new collection was inspired by the week I spent in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my husband earlier this year. Admittedly, we were there to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, but I couldn't help but be inspired.

Our hotel was surrounded by luscious tropical plants of many colorful shades and shapes. All of which I fell in love with and wanted to take home with me. Since that wasn't really a possibility, I a lot of plant photos—I probably took more photos of plants than I did of anything else while on this vacation.

And because I'm me, I brought some thread and fabric on this trip too. (#MakersGonnaMake) So while lounging by the pool, I snapped plant photos, sketched ideas for new designs, and even did a little stitching. I mean, how could I not?

Once back home, I knew I had to get stitching. There was a chance of snow in the forecast, with way too much rain. None of which felt tropical. So to capture the essence of this warm botanical experience, I immediately got to work.

Throughout January and into early February, I stitched and stitched. It rained so much during this time, I wondered if I'd ever see sun again. But even though it was dreary outside, these tropical plants had me feeling like summer was just around the corner.

I hope you enjoy my Tropical Plants collection and that is has you feeling a sense of summer until the real thing is here.


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