New Year, New Crafts

While embroidery will always be my number one craft, I love to dabble in other crafts too. Not only is it fun to try something new, but it also gives me new ideas for exploring different concepts and ways to incorporate new ideas into my embroidery focused projects. Here's some of the projects I'd like to try this year:

Chore Coat

When I saw that Wyldwood Creative had received a fresh delivery of the gorgeous Warp and Weft Toweling collection from Ruby Star Society, I knew I had to make something with it. Thankfully, Tawnee is offering an online Chore Coat class that seems easy enough for sewing beginners like myself. If you're more experienced at garment sewing, try the Ruby Star Chore Coat tutorial.

Marbled Fabric

I loved exploring ice dyed fabric last year. Another fabric dye technique I'd love to try is marbling. I know this was all the rage a while ago, but I never jumped on the trend, so it's on my makes list this year.