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Stitch Conservatory Cacti with Pattern Club this November!

Since it's my birthday month, I thought it'd be fun to treat Pattern Club members to one of my favorite places: the Volunteer Park Conservatory. If you haven't visited the conservatory at Volunteer Park in Seattle yet, then get on it! It's a gorgeous metal and glass building that transports you to a plant filled wonderland. My favorite space is the cactus room!

Filled with playful plants and beginner-friendly stitches, this digital pattern is a delight to stitch. This month I'll show you how to use the satin stitch, back stitch, French knot, chain stitch, lazy daisy, and stem stitch to create the Conservatory Cacti design.

The digital pattern guides you through the design in a step-by-step process. From learning how to measure, cut, and split thread to transferring your design and placing your fabric in the hoop, I'll get you all ready to start stitching. Then follow along as the pattern showcases which stitches to use and how the pattern will come together to create the finished piece. The pattern will even show you how to finish the design in the hoop!

To get this digital design and detail packed instruction guide, you can join Pattern Club for only $10 or find this pattern on my site for $15.

BTW, here's a peak at the Volunteer Park Conservatory from my visit a few years back.

Want to stitch past Pattern Club designs? Find them in the PDF pattern section of my shop.


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