Stitch Pacific Northwest Mountain Views

You've probably heard me mention that my puppy Henley and I go on lots of walks around our neighborhood. And thankfully we live in a gorgeous location, filled with tons of inspiration. This design was inspired by some of our walks. We live near the top of a hill where, with just a little walking, we can see the mountains to one side and the water to another.⁠ After walking by this gorgeous view so many times, I was inspired to turn it into this month's Pattern Club design. Along with a beautiful blue mountain, you'll also find Ferns, Blue Grape Hyacinth, and Forget Me Knots.

And if that wasn't enough, I even included a new (to me and maybe you) stitch. can you guess what it is? We'll be using the Oyster stitch!

The digital pattern will guide you from start to finish, in creating a beautiful mountain view design. Each pattern starts with a recommended materials list, then shares how to cut your fabric, place it in the hoop, and offers options for transferring your design.

Next the pattern covers how to measure, split, and knot your thread. Then walks you through the design, step by step, to see how each section is created. In each portion of the pattern, I share what stitch is used and how to create that stitch. Finally, you'll learn how to finish your design in the hoop!