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Stitches a Flutter: New Moth Peel Stick and Stitch Patterns

Clearly I have moths on the brain. Not only did I just release my new Moth and Fern embroidery kit, but you can also stitch moths with my new Peel Stick and Stitch pattern pack.

Perfect for fall crafting, my moth patterns are a whimsical take on these fluttery bugs. Each pattern is large enough to be a stand alone design or stitch them together to have an eclipse (yes, that really is what a group of moths is called!)

Like my 11 other nature inspired Peel Stick and Stitch designs, these patterns are water soluble and make adding embroidery to anything easy. Simply peel off the backing, place the design sticky side down, stitch, then wash it away with warm water.

There's lots of room for creativity with these moth designs. You can pick the colors, the stitches, the placement, and more. I cannot wait to see what you make with them.

Happy stitching - Melissa



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