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Why Hand Embroidery Is The Perfect Summer Craft

Why embroidery is the perfect summer craft

As the warm embrace of summer approaches, many of us find ourselves yearning to get outdoors and be active. While this is an excellent way to soak up summer, especially in the pacific northwest, it's also important to remember to slow down and savor the moment.

One such activity that perfectly savors the moment is hand embroidery. This hands-on craft, has experienced a resurgence in popularity and design in recent years, and for good reason. Let's explore why hand embroidery is the ideal craft to embrace during the summer months.

Why embroidery is the perfect summer craft:

Mountainscapes - Intermediate DIY Embroidery Kit from MCreativeJ

Portability: Who doesn't want a craft they can easily take anywhere? Unlike many other crafts that require a dedicated workspace or bulky equipment, embroidery can be done practically anywhere. MCreativeJ embroidery kits come in a small box that you can use to take your project anywhere! Whether you're lounging in a hammock in your backyard, relaxing at the beach, or enjoying a road trip, all you need is a small embroidery hoop, some fabric, a needle, and thread to get started. This portability allows you to enjoy the outdoors while indulging in a mindful creative pursuit.

Cyanotype Botanicals- Beginner Embroidery DIY Craft Kit from MCreativeJ

Ease of Use: Unlike more complex crafts that require a steep learning curve, embroidery can be picked up by beginners with minimal instruction. For those that love hands-on help, MCreativeJ embroidery kits will walk you through the entire kit from start to finish- and includes step by step photo instructions. The ease of getting started makes embroidery the perfect craft to dabble in during the laid-back days of summer when you're looking for a creative outlet that doesn't require a huge time commitment.

Blooming Wildflowers- Intermediate DIY Embroidery Craft Kit by MCreativeJ

Convenience: One of the greatest advantages of hand embroidery is that it requires very few supplies, and these supplies are compact and easy to carry. A small embroidery hoop, a selection of threads, a needle, and some fabric can easily fit into a tote bag or backpack, making it convenient to take your project with you wherever you go. And if you don't want to gather your supplies, just pick out an MCreativeJ embroidery kit. They come with everything you need- just add scissors and yourself. Whether you're traveling, visiting friends, or simply spending a day in the park, you can easily pack up your embroidery and work on it whenever inspiration strikes.

3D Coneflower Embroidery Kit from MCreativeJ

Instant Gratification: One of the most satisfying aspects of hand embroidery is the sense of accomplishment you feel as you watch your design come to life. Unlike many other crafts that require a significant time investment before you see results, embroidery allows you to see progress relatively quickly. Plus, all MCreativeJ embroidery kits are small enough projects to finish in 3-20 hours so you won't be spending years on a project. This makes it the perfect craft for summer, when you may have less time to devote to long-term projects but still want to enjoy the creative process.


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