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Why Your Handmade Holiday Decor is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Are you thinking of making some of your holiday gifts this year? While some people might see handmade gifts as less than, I love receiving a handmade gift. They are hands down my favorite! When a gift givers takes the time to create something special just for me, I feel like they were truly thoughtful with their gift choice. Anyone can go to the store or shop online- and not everyone has the time or ability to make a gift.

Here's three ways you can give the gift of handmade this holiday season:

Turn a gift for you into a gift for someone special

So why not give yourself a gift that you can also give this year? Treat yourself to a stitching delight with one of my embroidery kits and patterns! When you're done, give that special creation to someone special. (Only if you want to though!) Don't you just love a gift that keeps on giving? Your recipient will love that it's handmade by you and you'll have the joy of creating that beautiful work of art!

Make memories from afar

Are you not able to spend time with friends and family this holiday season? Are your usual in-person holiday festivities cancelled? Don't let distance get in the way! You can take an online workshop together. MCreativeJ has more than 13 virtual workshops that you could try with your nearest and dearest. All you need to do is pick a class and sign up! It's that easy. Full workshop kits are mailed right to your door. So let's sit back, relax, catch up, and craft!

Don't have time to make a gift this year?

I get it, life is busy! The holiday season can be hectic and this year is no exception. Balancing in-person and virtual gatherings can be even more challenging than deciding which side of the family you're spending the holidays with this year. You can still find the perfect handmade gift at your local small shops! From shopping online at MCreativeJ to shopping small at many of my stockists, you'll find the perfect handmade piece for yourself and to give as a gift! Who knows, they might even think you made it!


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