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How To Embroider Texture and Pattern

By Melissa Galbraith


Featuring 20 step-by-step embroidery projects of beautiful landscapes, desert canyons, unique flora, and more, How to Embroider Texture and Pattern is filled with vibrant embroidery patterns inspired by wanderlust that will challenge and grow your skills as you bring these beautiful outdoor scenes to life.

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Learn how to embroider stunning textures, patterns, colors, and 3D elements!

  • Inspiring embroidery guide for beginner to advanced crafters to learn how to embroider texture, color, pattern, and 3D elements to their embroidery projects

  • 20 step-by-step embroidery projects and patterns of beautiful landscapes in nature that slowly progress in difficulty

  • Helpful overviews on fundamental embroidery techniques, from how to transfer a pattern and prepare a hoop to creating your own fabric patterns

  • Illustrated stitch guide is included for over 30 need-to-know stitches that create texture

  • Skill-building approach enables stitchers to improve and grow their repertoire, breaks down stitches, explores how to blend colors, how to work with fabric prints, and more

  • Author Melissa Galbraith is the owner of MCreativeJ where she offers embroidery patterns, project kits, and workshops for crafters of all skill levels

How To Embroider Texture and Pattern is published by Landauer, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing.

Beginner to advanced embroiderers, crafters, and sewers will all have a blast incorporating 3D and pop-up elements in their hand embroidery, with How to Embroider Texture and Pattern!

This mindful and rewarding guide takes a skill-building approach that enables you to improve and grow your repertoire, breaks down beginner to advanced hand embroidery stitches, how to blend colors, how to work with fabric prints to enhance your designs, and highlights the playfulness of embroidery. Also included are easy-to-follow tutorials for more than 30 need-to-know embroidery stitches, plus guidance for incorporating fabric prints into your projects to enhance the design, textural and 3D embroidery instruction, how to transfer a pattern, and other fundamental techniques. Have fun with color, create rich textures, and feel confident as you stitch your love for nature!

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