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February Embroidery Pattern

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Happy National Embroidery Month! (Yes, this is a thing—I didn't make it up.) With this month being all about embroidery, what better time to start a new hobby, a new pattern, and just get stitching?

I'm thrilled to share my February embroidery pattern with you. And SURPRISE, it's actually two patterns! I teamed up with the talented Carrie Goff to create two exciting heart prickly pear cactus patterns this month.

If you know me, then you know I love prickly pear cacti. So when Carrie showed me a photo of heart shaped prickly pear cacti, I was blown away. Since Carrie was the inspiration for this design, we decided to create two designs in collaboration.

The first design, by me, is beginner-friendly! It features an ombre prickly pear cactus with 3D flower buds, and a texture landscape. I love this design because it uses 4 different basic embroidery stitches to blend color and create a gorgeous cactus scene.

The second design, created by Carrie, is an advanced heart shaped cactus pad with one of her signature 3D flowers. I've always wanted to learn how Carrie creates her intricate and detailed 3 dimensional designs and this pattern is a great starting place. She offers great tips and tricks to help you not only create this pattern but to also use for future 3D designs.

Each pattern features detailed written and photo instructions that make them easy to learn different stitches and create both designs.

To get my February embroidery pattern you can sign up for my Monthly Pattern Program for only $10/month or find individual patterns, including January's stained glass landscape pattern, in the Stitch Kits and Patterns section of my shop. All patterns are available as PDF downloads.

As an added bonus—because this is exciting and we want to celebrate! Everyone who joins my monthly pattern subscription or downloads the pattern will be entered to win a special giveaway from Carrie and myself. One winner will receive a 3D succulent needle minder from Carrie and an ombre prickly pear cactus mini hoop from myself.


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