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How to Embroider the Bullion Knot

Texture Terrarium Stitch Along Day 4: Bullion Knot

To add even more texture to our terrarium ground layers, we're using the bullion knot.

The Stitch:

The bullion knot isn't your usual knot. This stitch creates knots that are wrapped lines and knots can vary in size and length.

Watch the video below for how to embroider the bullion knot and scroll down for a step-by-step guide + information on how to join the Textural Terrarium Stitch Along with Pattern Club.

How To Video:

Step By Step Guide:

1. Bring your needle up through the fabric where you want the bullion knot to start.

2. Bring your needle back down through the fabric and slide the needle back up through the fabric next to where you first brought the needle through the fabric. This length will determine how long the bullion knot is.

3. Wrap the thread coming out of the fabric around the pointed end of the needle. The amount of wraps will be determined by the length of the knot (how far away you made the needle). Make sure the wraps are taught around the needle.

4. Pinch the wrap and and gently pull the needle so that the wrap slides along the thread. Your wrapped thread should be taught, so this might take a little wiggling.

5. With the wrapped thread off the needle, gently pull the thread coming out of the fabric so that the wrapped thread (the knot) is in line with the point where the thread is coming out of the fabric. Finally, bring the needle back down through the fabric where you brought the needle down in step 2, to secure the bullion knot in place.

Want to join in the Textural Terrarium Stitch Along? During July 2021 you can join Pattern Club and stitch this design along with us for only $10! If clubs aren't your thing or it's not July, you can purchase the digital pattern here. Then follow along with each blog post to learn how to create each embroidery stitch used in this Textural Terrarium. You can also find more colorful and beginner-friendly embroidery patterns and kits in the MCreativeJ shop.



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