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Invest In Yourself and Your Business

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hey fellow makers! I know many of you have businesses of your own. Or maybe you're thinking about starting one. Either way, running a small business means continuously learning. Learning about pricing, learning about taxes, learning about marketing, and learning about sales platforms like Etsy. ⁠

There are so many things we need to be "experts" in to run a small business. And as someone who graduated from college with a digital arts degree, this has often been daunting and confusing for me.⁠

So whenever possible, I turn to an expert for help. And when it comes to Etsy, I trust Danielle at the Merriweather Council. ⁠

Last year I decided to invest in myself and my business by taking Danielle's free Etsy Masterclass. ⁠

Now you might be thinking, "I'm on Etsy, I know what I'm doing" or "Is this really going to help me?" I had those questions too. ⁠

Finding the right tools to make Etsy easier, work for me, and support my business goals has essential. Without this masterclass, I wouldn't be where I am today. Before taking this class, I had no idea I was barely scraping the surface of what Etsy has to offer!⁠ And I've been able to implements these strategies holistically across my business.⁠ That's a win-win.

Taking the time to invest in myself and my creative business took longer than I'd like to admit. There's no roadmap for running a small business and it often seems like a lot of trial and error. ⁠Or at least it did for me, until I took the Etsy Masterclass.

For the longest time, I thought "I don't have time for this" or "I can just figure it out." But looking back, I realized I wasted a lot of time and energy when I could have just gone to an expert for help.

I promise this is not a gimmick, pyramid scheme, or sleazy sales pitch. ⁠

Finding the right ways to invest in yourself and your business is crucial to success. It's helped me become the business woman I am today.⁠

With Danielle' Etsy Masterclass, I learned how to make Etsy work for me. I was able to make small changes to my online presence that have made a big difference!⁠ Her actionable and bite-sized information makes it easy to get things done.⁠

So if you want to unlock the power of Etsy, my friend, Danielle has a FREE masterclass for you where you’ll learn how to accelerate your success as a handmade business owner on Etsy!


Sign up to the masterclass and learn:


💥 Why Etsy is the most valuable tool available to grow your handmade business

💥 3 mistakes you haven’t thought about that are costing you time and money on Etsy

💥 Danielle’s 4-step process for building an Etsy shop that works FOR you → the same system that she implemented in her own shop that that’s helped 1000+ of her students have success on the platform, too!


**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.**


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