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MCreativeJ's 14 Favorite DMC Embroidery Products

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

When it comes to embroidery tools, there are so many options out there. It can be hard to choose a favorite material, thread color, or even tool. I have a feeling many crafter feel the same way. The craft store is like a candy shop and I over indulge every time. I mean we all have a craft stash tucked away some where, right? It's hard not too!

With so many embroidery materials out there, it's hard to know what's good. In case you're looking for materials, I've tried and tested, here are 14 of my favorites from DMC embroidery.

DMC is a staple in the embroidery industry. I love that most craft stores (and even places like Wal-Mart) carry their brand, so materials are easier to find, no matter where you're located in the U.S.- not so sure about international embroidery folks... I love that DMC products are always high quality, consistent, and so much fun!

Let's Start With Thread

I love DMC 6 strand embroidery thread. With over 500 colors, there are tons of options to choose from. A few of my favorite colors include 166, 352, 353, 469, 504, 919, 921, 922, 3771, and 3830. Literally, if you've stitched a pattern or kit of mine, it probably included at least two of these color options- sorry not sorry.

When I want to add some sparkle to a design, I almost always grab the DMC Diamant Thread. I like that I don't need to split this metallic thread and it comes in gorgeous colors, like this metallic bundle.

Another way I like to add a little something extra to an embroidery is with DMC Color Variations Thread. I love the dimensional ombre affect this thread can add to any design. I use a variegated thread in my Mountain and Tulips Embroidery Kit for the sky and it's perfection (IMHO)!

When I'm mending, I often use a thicker thread and DMC Pearl Cotton Thread is one of my favorite options. DMC offers a variety of weights and colors. I just love the colors available in the Limited Edition Collector's Box with Bird Patterns.

Moving On To Needles

When it comes to stitching, I use a variety of hand sewing needles. There really is no right or wrong needle to use. I think it depends on personal preference and materials.

  • For embroidery, I like to use the DMC Needles in sizes 1-5. I like that these needles are long and the eyes aren't too small.

  • For mending, I like to use the DMC Darners Needles in size 18. These needles are thicker than standard embroidery needles and also long- which makes them great for mending.

  • And when I'm teaching, I like to use the DMC Chenille Needles in size 22. These needles are great for beginners and have a larger eye, making them easier to thread. All of my embroidery and workshop kits include Chenille needles for this reason.

Let's Talk Hoops

Circular hoops are standard for embroidery, but lately, DMC has had some really interesting shaped options. I'm loving this Triangle Hoop Duo and the Square Hoop Duo. I'm also a fan of framing your embroidery in the hoop, so these usually shapes add an extra level of surprise to an already exciting design.

What About Transferring A Design?

What about when it comes to transferring a design? Well DMC Magic Paper is one of my go-to resources. I love that they have options to create your own designs or you can choose from their wide selection.

My other favorite transfer tool is the DMC Transfer Pen. These pens are water soluble, making them a great option for drawing directly onto your fabric.

Thread Storage Central

When it comes to storing my embroidery thread, I'm all for thread cards and storage boxes. Thankfully DMC has both. And when I'm working on a project, I love to keep my thread on an organizer ring. It's a handy way to keep everything for a project in one place.

And brand new, DMC just released their new Mindful Making Kit series. These kits are the perfect way to embrace calm and craft. Their new line includes punch needle, macramé, knitting, cross stitch, crochet, and of course, embroidery!

For more DMC products, check out Melissa's Star Stitcher profile.


***This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase an item listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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