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New Hand Embroidery Craft Supplies: Needle Books & Scissors Now In Stock

two hands holding quilted fabric needle books and one hand holding a pair of gold floral scissors

You can now find a new selection of quilted needle books with felt pages and mini detailed scissors in my online shop!

I don't go anywhere without an embroidery project, which means I also don't go anywhere without my needle book and a pair of cute embroidery scissors. Needle books are the perfect way to store your sewing needles, pins, thread ends, and more. And can you really ever have enough pairs of cute scissors? I think not!

Each needle book is quilted using a curated selection of fabrics. No two are the same, even though they'll have similar colors. This collection includes: Garden Party, Desert Dream, and Play (mentioned in the order shown above). Along with the quilted outside, the inside of the book features 4 felt pages to store your needles, pins, threads, and more. Each needle book is roughly 3 x 4.5 inches in size.

I've restocked the Silver Tudor Rose and Gold Elizabeth scissors that were so popular last year. And I found these delightful square handled Silver Lace scissors too. If you're in need of a new pair of sewing scissors or just want to add to your collection, these are the perfect additions.

Enjoy these new craft supplies and other hand embroidery maker materials at mcreativej.com. Happy Stitching!


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