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New Mushroom Kit and Pattern from MCreativeJ!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Who would have guessed pulling weeds in my garden would have inspired a new embroidery kit and Peel Stick and Stitch pattern? Certainly not me! As someone who really isn't a fan of gardening (houseplants forever!), I was surprised when the mushrooms I found in my backyard kept popping into my head. After much noodling on the idea, over walks with my pup Henley, and sketches in my pattern idea notebook, I started stitching. And I'm thrilled with how these cuties turned out!

You can choose from a detailed step-by-step kit to create an adorable Mushroom Trio, surrounded by some of those pesky weeds I've been trying to rid from my garden. This kit includes everything you'll need (except scissors) to get stitching. It's great for an advanced beginner and uses 6 stitches to create this design.

If you already have embroidery supplies and want to create your own mushroom design, use the Mushroom Peel Stick and Stitch patterns. These are great for stitching on pretty much anything and you can place them in whatever pattern you'd like! I even used them to create a mushroom clutch. P.S. Here's a link to the DIY tutorial.

Happy stitching!


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