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5 Ways to Embroider Your Life: All About Color

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Some of the amazing embroidery I found this week. Which colorful way will you embroider your life?

This mixed media artwork of embroidery and watercolor by Olander Co is just stunning.

I love love love how Paige of Ponderosa Creative upcycled this denim jacket using a rainbow pattern and some hand embroidery. Order your own custom design here.

The nice weather make me want to get outside and explore... but with COVID I'm still trying to stay in as much as possible. This polaroid embroidery kit by Etcetera Embroidery is a fun way to stitch memories and fulfill a bit of that wanderlust.

Can we talk about this amazing use of thread scraps? I've always wondered what to do with the thread I collect in my ort jar and I love how Pale Illusions used theirs to create this Messy Thread embroidery.

Ok, this last one isn't technically embroidered, but how could you not love these cookie tin stickers by Fanesha Fabre Art? Growing up, my mom would store our embroidery thread in these cookie tins and yarn in those giant 3 flavor popcorn tins.

*** Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase one of these products I will receive a small portion of the sale. ***


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