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Adventure Awaits with the August Pattern Club Design

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? This month our Gazer is headed to sandy shores! Whether you're headed to the beach this summer (with a project in hand) or longing for some mental adventure while quarantining, this pattern is for you! Ombré ocean waves, foamy shores, pristine beaches, and vibrant foliage, will take Pattern Club members on a tropical beach adventured.

Pattern Club digital patterns are only $10/month and are delivered directly to your inbox with all the instructions you need to get stitching. From a detailed materials list to insights into how to choose fabric, place fabric in the hoop, split and knot thread, and thread a needle to how to create each stitch, this pattern in packed with information.

And Pattern Club makes it easy to learn new stitches and get even better at the ones you already know! Each stitch is detailed in the Stitch Glossary as well as highlighted in the step-by-step instructions to see how this pattern comes together and how each stitch is used. Photos of each step in the stitching process highlight how this pattern comes together and you'll find tips and tricks to make things easier as you work.

While the basics are covered in each pattern, this design is sure to be enjoyed by stitchers of all skill levels. From satin stitches to French knots to the lazy daisy stitch, basket weave, and more- photo and written instructions help you recreate this design.

Want to mix up the colors or change a stitch? Go for it! Each pattern has a recommended DMC thread color list and stitches but that doesn't mean you have to follow the instructions. Make this Beach Gazer your own and share your in-progress and finished designs with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Have questions about Pattern Club? Read our FAQ here.

Want to see Club member stitches? Preview their work here.

Want to stitch a past Pattern Club design? Check out digital patterns here.


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