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Embroidered Pillows for Florence + The Machine

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to design and stitch pillow for the Climate Pledge Arena to give to Florence + The Machine for their October 6, 2022 performance.

I was thankful to meet the person in charge or Artist Gifting for the Climate Pledge Arena at a local craft fair. From there they contacted me to work on this project.

The project ended up being three hand embroidered throw pillows featuring designs similar to the Florence + the Machine Dance Fever album artwork.

The first pillow featured a large yellow moon surrounded by moths and branches. This was reminiscent of the moon behind Florence's head on the album cover as well as her being surrounded by moths and branches.

The second pillow also included the moths and branches, but featured four muted roses as the center piece. These pulled inspiration from the bunch of flowers Florence holds on the album cover.

The third pillow was the largest pillow. It featured the Florence + The Machine logo, the Climate Pledge Arena logo, the event date, location, as well as moths and branches to again keep the cohesive field of all three pillows.

Each pillow also included a side tag with the Climate Pledge Arena logo, date, city and state, as well as a tag with my information.

Overall, this was an amazing project! It's not something I had ever thought I would get to do in my embroidery career. I’m so thankful I made that connection at a summer craft fair and look forward to seeing if this blossoms into something further.

Want more details on how I landed this commission and what that process looked like? Read my article How I Got That Gig: Embroidered Pillows for Florence + The Machine, for the Craft Industry Alliance.


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