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Enamel Needle Minders Save Your Needles in Style

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Never lose your needle again! I can't tell you how many times I've lost my sewing needle in the sofa, the carpet, and a few times in bed (eek!) Trust me, no one wants to wake up to that...

My new soft enamel needle minders are the perfect way to hold your needle in place while crafting. Each needle minder features a whimsical desert scene and has a small magnet on the back to hold your needle in place without damaging your hard work.

These adorable magnetic embroidery accessories were designed by me to capture the whimsy of my cactus embroideries. Each vibrant cactus needle minder is made of soft enamel with a strong magnet backer and measures approximately 1.5x.5 inches.

How do you use a needle minder? It's easy! Just place the soft enamel cactus design on the front of your embroidery with the black back touching your fabric. Then place the magnet on the other side of your fabric, using the magnetic piece to sandwich around your project fabric.

Needle minders are helpful for while your working or when you set your project aside. It holds your needle until the next time you pick it up.

Want one for your project? Find my desert cacti soft enamel needle minders in my shop along with colorful fabric needle minders, and other making accessories!


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