Favorite Online Fabric Finds

The craft store is my happy place. Each trip is like an adventure and I always find something new and exciting. But lately, just leaving my house feels weird and I've been turning to online shopping for as many things as I can. And that even includes fabric. Earlier this year I shared some of my Favorite Fabric Finds and as I've done more online shopping (as well as released my own ice dyed fabric collection, hint hint), I'm sharing more fabric favorites that you can find online.

Before the pandemic, I so wished Fabric Bubb had an in-person store, because this Seattle-based fabric store always has gorgeously curated fabric bundles and I always wanted to peruse their stash. Now I'm so thankful they're dedicated to online shopping! If you're looking for a gorgeous collection, see what Kristina has put together.

Another online shop that I've frequented of late is Cottoneer. Just take all my money! They have such a wide selection of high quality fabrics that I don't usually see in my local craft stores that I just have to stock up, even if I'm not sure what I'll actually use that fabric for yet.