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Favorite Fabric Finds

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Finding unique fabrics to turn into quilts, use for embroidery, or in other creative sewing projects has always been fun for me. It's like a treasure hunt to find the perfect pattern or color. Sometimes I have a design in mind and other times I don't know what I'm looking for until I find it.

I love checking out my local craft thrift store, rooting through fabric scrap bins, and stopping in at my local boutique craft stores to see what unique selections I can find. While we can't do much of that right now, that doesn't mean you can't find lovely fabrics to use or stash for a later project. Here are a few online shops to find unique fabrics:

PonderosaCreative ice dyed fabrics are just awesome. Paige creates amazing color combinations and patterns using ice and powder dye. Her fabric bundles are always cheery and I know each one is unique, making them even more special to use.

If you're looking for gorgeously fabric bundles, then look no further than Fabric Bubb. Kristina thoughtfully curates some of the most gorgeous fabric collections and makes me want to purchase every single one of her bundles. She has such a wide selection of fabrics, you're sure to find the perfect one for your project.

Curious Wonder Pattern Fabrics by Katie Larson Quilting are filled with colorful geometric shapes. I love the modern design of these fabrics that are similar to her quilt patterns.

Shibori indigo dyed fabrics are some of my favorite. While I often dye my own, Cape Cod Shibori also has a bunch of really cool patterns and they offer their designs in a variety of colors.

Ever since finding these speckled Ruby Star Society fabrics at one of my local craft stores, I've been smitten. I love that these fabrics come in a variety of bold playful colors and can still be used as a solid for quilting projects.

While we can't go rooting around in fabric scrap bins, estate sales, or local craft thrift stores, you can find some wonderful vintage fabric selections on Etsy. This bundle reminds me of some of the fun fabric designs I used to play with as a kid.

Looking for something different than what most big box craft stores carry? Try Wyldwood Creative! Their selection of unique and designer fabrics are high quality, ship quickly, and are perfect for garment sewing, quilting, and any other project you could think of. Plus, use code MCREATIVEJ10 for 10% off your first purchase of $15 or more.

Want a fabric you can't find in store? Or maybe you have a fabric in mind and want to design your own? Spoonflower is a wonderful option for both. With Spoonflower fabrics, you can choose from hundreds of designs that are printed on demand or you can design your own.

**Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.**


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