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How To Declutter Your Craft Space

Each new year, I always find it's helpful to set new intentions and create a space that reflects my needs. Having a fresh clean space to start off the year is a great way to start. I'm very thankful to have a room in my house that I can dedicate to my studio practice. Since moving in, it's gotten a little packed with all the materials, supplies, and kits that have been added to it. So to give it a fresh start in 2022, I rearranged a few things and wanted to share a few tips I found helpful for my space.

Organize by color

My fabric shelf and thread containers are all organized by color. I actually have so many green thread colors that there's 3 boxes just for greens! If that isn't an indicator that I stitch a lot of plants, I don't know what is!

Keeping both my thread and fabric in color groupings, helps me easily see what I have on hand and also make comparisons as I create patterns and new designs.

Keep things in sight

I'm a very visual person. What's that phrase, 'out of sight, out of mind'? Well I am very much that kind person. If don't see what I'm looking for when doing a quick glance of my space, I'm going to assume I don't have it.

So to help me use the supplies I already have I keep things out in the open. Pegboards and open shelves are my best friend. I try not to have supplies everywhere, because that would cause me anxiety, but organized on shelves and boards so that I can see my supplies. This also helps me easily know when I need to order more supplies and keep track of stock.

Curate based on use/need

My studio is used for a myriad of different things. It's my kit production space, a shipping station, a photo studio, a workshop space, and so much more. Because of that, I find grouping materials based on their use is also helpful. All of my shipping envelopes are kept on a shelf in my closet, above the kits I ship (see the connection there?) I also have a bookcase for workshop kits. Keeping these kits in a different location helps me ensure I can easily see what I have available and also not mix the two up.

Let things go

Like many a crafter, I am a supply hoarder. (I mean what crafter isn't?) I can never go into the craft store for just one thing or say no to new or gifted supplies. Because of this, I often end up with an abundance of craft supplies that I don't always need or plan on using right away. If I have a project in mind, I try to keep some things, but it's also helpful and healthy to let things go. This is why I try to purge my studio at least twice a year. There's a craft craft thrift store in the Seattle are (Seattle ReCreative) and I try to donate my craft supplies to them so that other makers can find joy in the materials I'm not using.

Want to see more of my studio space? Check out the desert mural I painted last summer!


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