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Ice Dyed Fabric Rainbow

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

How have you been taking advantage of these warm, sunny, spring days? Things have been getting messy over here! I've been fully embracing the sunshine and warmer temps to create a new collection of ice dyed fabrics! This rainbow collection is bursting with life, movement, and of course, color.

One of the things I love about ice dyeing, is that even if you have an idea of what the design will look like, it's always different than you expect. Because of this, these fabrics are pretty magical and no two pieces (even in the same color family) are alike. With names like Block Party, Berry Patch, and In The Tropics, I'm sure you can already imagine vibrant colors and fond memories. Check out all of the new fabric colors and let me know what you'd create with them. Happy making! -Melissa


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