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Ice, Ice Baby! The New Handmade Ice Dye Fabric Collection Is Here

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Fabric lovers unite! MCreativeJ just released a new ice dye fabric collection.

I love creating my own unique pieces and sometimes that starts with the fabric. This new collection features ice dyed fabric in all shades of the the rainbow. Each fabric is dyed by hand and no two pieces are the same.

Sunflower is a yellow ice dyed fabric that is bright and sunny.

Creamsicle fabrics are a lovely combo of orange and pink that will have you craving one of those tasty popsicles.

Prairie will have you looking for a field of flowers to run through. This muted fabric design features lilac with subtle hints of blue, olive green, and orange.

Fire fabrics are a striking combination of white and orange.

The Antique Rose fabrics are a gorgeous combination of pink and red that remind me of roses from my mother's garden.

Sugar Plum is a robust combination of magenta and wine with hints of blue and purple.

Aquamarine will have you thinking underwater thoughts. This muted ice dyed fabric is a beautiful understated compliment to any project.

And Cosmic Galaxy fabrics are a vibrant combination of purple, blue, and magenta that are out of this world.

Shop this new limited edition collection at mcreativejshop.com or click on the fabric photo to add it to your fabric stash.


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