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More Than Just Hand Embroidery: A Look At My Life

Melissa standing behind hand embroidered decor in an art gallery

If you've been following my blog, reading my newsletter, or catching my Instagram posts you know that I mostly post about hand embroidery. It's what I've been building my brand, MCreativeJ, around. And now that you know me for all things hand embroidery, I want to add more to the story. I want to write and share more about my life on my blog.

When I started and MCreativeJ, I was focused solely on hand embroidery. I started selling embroidered artwork, transitioned to selling kits, and then added in workshops. As I began to develop my website, I thought I'd use my blog to write project tutorials, highlight other artists' amazing work, and share about products I love. For a while I was able to make that happen. I felt like I had time to do a lot of blogging, sharing, and researching.

But over the past couple years that has slowly dwindled away. It’s been harder and harder for me to find time to do product round ups, write project tutorials, or share about talented makers. And I haven’t been loving these blog posts as much either. Don’t give me wrong, they’re super helpful and I can include affiliate links in them (thank you for buying some of the things I've recommended, because I do get a small percentage of the sales, which really helps when you're self employed in an expensive city.) But I feel like I have only been sharing a portion of me.

Now, I want to share more more about my life beyond hand embroidery. While you probably know me for all things embroidery, I also love cooking and baking, playing with my two Shar-Pei dogs, murder mysteries, gummy candies, all things desert, and all sorts of things that I haven’t shared much about.

Basically, I just want to share more about my life so you’ll probably see more of these blog post starting to pop up and I hope you’ll take a read and check in and see how things are going. Share more about your life too and we can connect through more than just embroidery.

But if you do want to be here for just the embroidery that’s OK too! I totally understand and I will continue to share hand embroidery projects, workshops, kits, patterns, book stuff, and all sorts of really cool things for you to enjoy.

Thanks for sticking around.


(and the aforementioned Shar Pei pups, Henley and Landen)

two shar pei dogs looking at each other and snuggling a pink blanket on a grey sofa


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