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Stitch a Stained Glass Landscape with My New Domestika Course

Melissa holding a stained glass landscape embroidery sample from her Domestika course.

Back in the spring of 2022 I filmed an embroidery course with Domestika. Having never professionally filmed anything before, I was a little nervous. But the experience was great and I got to go to New York for the first time. Ever since then, I have eagerly been waiting for my course to launch so I can share it with you. Well guess what? It's finally happening!

You can learn how to embroider a stained glass landscape in my Domestika course!

Stained glass landscape Domestika course

Before diving into my course, I wanted to share a little more about Domestika and the platform. Domestika is an online creative community where creatives share their skills through pre-recorded video courses. Domestika thoughtfully curates all of the video courses for a robust selection of high-quality online learning experience for everyone.

What is my Domestika course about?

My Domestika course focuses on hand embroidery techniques to create a stained glass inspired landscape.

What's included in my Domestika course?

My Domestika course covers how to embroider a stained glass landscape. It will walk you through the project from start to finish. This course covers inspiration, designing a stained glass landscape, materials and prep, 4 hand embroidery stitches, finishing the embroidery for display, and displaying the embroidered hoop.

Course videos are pre-recorded with key take aways and check points along the way. You can work at your own pace throughout the course.

Here's a peek at the course trailer.

What will you learn in my Domestika course?

Throughout my Domestika course I share my technique for designing a stained glass inspired landscape, materials I use and find helpful, plus basic hand embroidery stitches to create texture within the landscape. These stitches include the satin stitch, back stitch, reverse chain stitch, and couching stitch. I also share how to finish the embroidery in the hoop by using the running stitch and whip stitch.

Do you have to design my own landscape for this course?

Only if you want to! My Domestika course covers how I create and design a landscape pattern to give you insight into the process for you to try. If you would prefer to use a preexisting pattern, there is one included in the course with multiple colorways for you to embroider.

How can you sign up for my Domestika course?

You can take my Domestika course here!

Stained glass landscape Domestika course


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