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The Craft Store TV Showcases MCreativeJ

A while back I said yes to something that was really scary. Not in the "blood curdling, I might die kind of scary" way, but in the "I've never done this and it's frightening to get out of my comfort zone" kind of way.

That thing I said yes to was presenting on The Craft Store's Live TV show.

If you've ever wanted a TV channel specifically for craft shopping, then this is the right place! The Craft Store features hour long episodes of creatives, like myself, who showcase a collection of their products and demonstrate some of the items.

Over the past few weeks I've worked tirelessly to hand package all 140 embroidery kits for my on-air collection. There were multiple times during the process when I thought about talking myself out of the on-air presentation and just saying "Actually, I decided to no do this after all." But having already committed, I stuck it out.

And I'm so glad I did!

Having never been on LIVE TV before, I was especially nervous about talking with a show host all the way in the UK as well as talking up my products and offering demonstrations. Thankfully my teaching experience kicked in and a few deep breaths before the show helped me do just fine.

I loved the joyful way the show host shared about all the colorful and whimsical details of each kit. Hearing his descriptions was almost like falling in love with each design all over again. He likened my Stained Glass Landscape Embroidery Kit to the Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona-a connection I had never made before!

Along with sharing about each kit, I also offered demonstrations for the Desert Landscape Pin Kit, the Flower Trio Kit, the Begonia and Geode Kit, and the Cactus Desert Landscape.

If you want to watch the full show, click on any of the photos!

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