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11 Embroidery Patterns & Kits for Garden Lovers

I'm sure you know by now that I've gotten into gardening. I'm not really at the "I love to garden" phase, it's more of the "I want my yard to look nice and need to tear this out so I can put what I want in," phase. But maybe that's what gardening is all about?

While I'm constantly amazed by how much more time, energy, and materials gardening takes, compared to what I think it will, it's also pretty euphoric to dig out a giant weed or pull out a huge clump of crab grass you just spent 5 minutes digging up.

Much like the patience and perseverance needed for gardening, hand embroidery is also a slow craft that gets better with time. So inspired by my recent endeavors of digging in the dirt, here's 11 delightful garden embroidery kits and patterns.

Micro Allotment Spring PDF Embroidery Pattern by SewnbyColletteKinley

Beginner Embroidery Kit Bees and Wildflowers by BabethLifeBoutique

Mushroom Trio Intermediate Embroidery Kit by MCreativeJ

Cat Botanical Embroidery Kit by HyggeRitualsHandmade

Blissful Blooms Embroidery Kit by JessLongEmbroidery

Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit - Strawberry Plant by CrewelGhoul

DIY Bee T-Shirt Embroidery Kit by MCreativeJ

Garden Boot Embroidery Kit by SundayMorningsShop

SUNNY BUNNIES pdf embroidery pattern by cozyblue

Garden, flowers, and bee hand embroidery pattern by Faimyxstitch

Floral Watering Can embroidery pattern by HLeslieDesign

***This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase something listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale. Thank you for checking out my recommendations.***


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