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12 Flower Embroidery Patterns to Stitch Yourself Colorful Spring Bouquets

Spring is here and so are the flowers! Seeing these colorful buds sprout from the ground and blossom into beautiful flowers always makes me smile. With these 12 floral embroidery patterns, you can enjoy delightful spring florals all year round!

Peony Embroidery embroidery pattern by Lark Rising Embroidery

Floral Heart embroidery pattern Thread Meadows

Cherry Blossom Cat embroidery pattern by The Wildflower Coll

Earthy Foral embroidery pattern by Florals and Floss

Beginner floral wreath by Jessica Long Embroidery

Rainbouquet embroidery pattern by TinkinStitches

Thread Painted Peony embroidery pattern by Becky's Embroidery Shop

Tulips embroidery pattern by Thread Anatomy

Floral Envelope embroidery pattern by HLeslieDesign

Dried Flower Bouquet embroidery pattern by Matryoshka Doll Shop

Flower Human Heart embroidery pattern by ALIFERA

Spring Bouquet Flowers by MCreativeJ

For more of my favorite patterns and items, check out my Etsy favorites list.

***This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item listed in this post, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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