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Stitch Spring Florals with the April Pattern Club Design

Seeing the green tips of daffodils start to sprout through the barren winter ground always gives me hope that spring is just around the corner. Yes, it might be cold and rainy out in the Pacific Northwest, but at least there's the promise of colorful blooms and warmer weather.

I remember one year, in middle school when I was so eager for spring that I wore capri shorts in February. Yes, there was a dusting of dewy snow on the ground, but the daffodils were out, so to me that meant spring! Needless to say it was a mistake and I was froze.

So while the weather is still rather chilly, we can still enjoy the lovely colorful greenery of spring with this month's Pattern Club design: Spring Flowers.

This digital pattern is bursting with vibrant hues that will get you in a happy mood, just like those sunny spring days sprinkled throughout this month. Along with a burst of happiness, this beginner-friendly pattern will help you practice 6 different embroidery stitches while creating beautiful florals.

The digital pattern will walk you, start to finish, in creating this design. Each pattern starts with a recommended materials list, then shares how to cut your fabric, place it in the hoop, and offers options for transferring your design. Next the pattern covers how to measure, split, and knot your thread. Then the pattern will walk you through the design, step by step, to see how each section is created, what stitch is used, and how to create that stitch. Finally, you'll learn how to finish your design in the hoop.

Thanks to our recent stitch along, you can also find video tutorials of how to create each stitch on the MCreativeJ blog here.

National Handmade Day on April 3rd, is the perfect reason to try give embroidery a try or get back into an old favorite craft. With Pattern Club, you'll receive a whimsical and modern digital pattern delivered to your inbox every month. It's only $10/month and you can adjust your club membership at any time. Still have questions? Read the Pattern Club FAQ.

Want to stitch a past Pattern Club design? You can find all previous patterns here.


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