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14 Lovely Embroidery Patterns to Gift to Your Favorite Friends on Galentine's Day

Forget Valentine's Day! Galentine's Day is all about celebrating the friends in your life. For the friend who always makes you laugh, the friend who knows just what to the say when you're feeling down, the friend you've known forever, and the friend who bakes the best cookies, celebrate them all.

Celebrate new and old friendships by creating something special for your galentine this year. From embroidered dolls to uplifting quotes, from florals to floral tattoos, you're sure to find the perfect embroidery pattern or kit for your galentine.

Tattooed Shoulders embroidery kit by StitchHappyUK

DearestQ Gold Chains embroidery pattern

Beautiful embroidery pattern by Bustle and Sew

Yes She Can embroidery kit by CottonClara

Peonies On Sunday pug with flower crown embroidery kit

Pizza My Heart cross stitch pattern by The Happiest Hoop

Flower Crown Lady embroidery pattern by Tamar Nahir-Yanai

You Gotta Nourish To Flourish embroidery pattern by Gentle Ambiance

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