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25 Enamel Pins for the Makers In Your Life

I'm a big fan of wearing your flair. From embroidered to enamel pins, I love decorating my jackets, bags, hats, and wall hangings with colorful works of art that express who I am and the things I love.

With crafting, the possibilities are endless! Makers are filled with ideas just waiting to come to life. Celebrate your love of creating, the journey from idea to crafty implementation, with these enamel pins.

Craft A Happy Life pin from Only Happy Things

Craft Queen pin from Twill and Print

Craft Assistant pin from The Gray Muse

DIY til I die pin from Enamel Pins Galore

Unicorn Scissors pin from Stitching Sabbatical

Embroidery Hoop pin from Justine Gilbuena

Life is one big WIP pin from Chrissie Crafts Shop

Feeling Stabby pin from Snarky Crafter Designs

Fabric Hoarder pin from Aimee Kitty

Craftaholic pin from Kits & Ko.

Stitch Witch pin from Glitter Punk Jewellery

Stork Scissors pin from Root and Wick

Sewing Tape Measure pin from Justine Gilbuena

Sewing Machine pin from The Gray Muse

And Sew It Begins pin from Hive Five Studios

Trusty Thimble pin from UK Two For Joy

Fabric Scissors pin from Justine Gilbuena

I Heart Felt pin from Benzie Design

Pretty Craft Cart pin from Zizi And Me

Blue Thread pin from Glimmerwood

Creator's Club pin from A Fink and Ink

Tomato Pin Cushion pin from Justine Gilbuena

Stitch Club pin from Fairy Cakes

***This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase an item listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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