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New Year, New Crafts: DIY Projects To Try In The New Year

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

While embroidery will always be my number one craft, I love to dabble in other crafts too. Not only is it fun to try something new, but it also gives me new ideas for exploring different concepts and ways to incorporate new ideas into my embroidery focused projects. Here's some of the projects I'd like to try this year:

Chore Coat

When I saw that Wyldwood Creative had received a fresh delivery of the gorgeous Warp and Weft Toweling collection from Ruby Star Society, I knew I had to make something with it. Thankfully, Tawnee is offering an online Chore Coat class that seems easy enough for sewing beginners like myself. If you're more experienced at garment sewing, try the Ruby Star Chore Coat tutorial.

Marbled Fabric

I loved exploring ice dyed fabric last year. Another fabric dye technique I'd love to try is marbling. I know this was all the rage a while ago, but I never jumped on the trend, so it's on my makes list this year.

Stained Glass

If you remember the Stained Glass Landscape embroidery pattern I created last year for Pattern Club, then you probably remember me mentioning my obsession with stained glass. I just love the modern designs and the way sunlight shines through all the colorful to transform any space. I’d love to try making my own stained glass landscape piece. I found some pretty amazing looking kits on Etsy and am also going to see if anyone local teaches as well.

A Basic T-Shirt

Okay, this one might seem simple and silly, but I love t-shirts. What I don't usually love is how flimsily they're made or the options in most stores. I'm hoping to create a few well fitting basic t-shirts and ease into garment sewing this year.

Quilted Oven Mitts

In December I made my husband and I our own stockings. This was a fun and simple (ish) project. (Ok, I maybe messed up the first time and forgot to make mirror image pieces of the stocking, but lesson learned and they turned out cute!) Oven mitts are a practical item that we use all the time in our kitchen. Plus, this free pattern from Suzy Quilts seems very similar to her free Quilted Stocking pattern, so I feel confident I can do this project.

Bandana Dress

I'm sure by now you've seen the Psychic Outlaw bandana dresses that have been taking Instagram by storm (or is that just my feed?). They're amazing and so creative. When I found out Ruby Star recently released Golden Hour Bandana Panels, I knew I would need to add making a bandana dress to my makes wish list this year. I of course have already purchased the fabric from Wyldwood Creative. Now I just need to feel confident enough to sew myself a dress.

Block Printing on Fabric

In college I took a printmaking course. It was one of my favorite classes because we tried many different printing techniques. Of those that I tried, I loved block printing the best. Carving the design into the block was just so satisfying. While I haven’t block printed in many many years (I mean college doesn’t seem that long ago, even though it was), I’d love to try it again and see if I can print on fabric to create some of my own textiles and patterns. Now to choose a kit from all the great options...

Bread Making

Bread is one of my favorite things. A fresh slice of well made bread is just heavenly. And while I love bread, I have yet to master the art of making it. Like many people, I jumped on the bread making craze last summer and... failed miserably. My bread just never quite turned out right. Each failed loaf was a learning experience and hopefully this year I can finally figure out the art of bread making.

If you'd like to learn something new this year, join me for an online embroidery workshop! You can choose from landscape pins, blooming wildflowers, embroidered lettering, rainbows, winter botanicals, and more. All workshops include 2 hours of live online instruction and a workshop kit with all the materials you'll need for the workshop (minus scissors).


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