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8 Crafts to Celebrate Summer Fun

When you think summer, do you think bright colors, outdoor adventures, and sunshine? I do! I love the vibrancy of summer and the warm weather the energy spurs inside of me. Plus, with all the extra daylight (at least in the Pacific Northwest), there's even more time for crafting!

Here's 8 of my favorite summer fun craft projects.

In The Tropics Peel Stick and Stitch Embroidery Patterns by MCreativeJ

DIY Solar printing kit by ElementalLeaf

Tropical Bali Babes Paint by Number Kit by letspaintanywhere

Ice Dye Kit by annajoyce

DIY Macrame Planter Kit by peakandpinedesigns

Wildflower Pressing Kit by RedOakAdventures

DIY Candle Making Kit with essential oils by PopShopAmerica

DIY paper garden craft kit by MyPapercutForest

***This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale. Thank you for checking out my reccomendations.***


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