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Create a Desert Meadow

This year, I'm finally getting to do some travelling. One of the things on my bucket list has been Craftcation, a business/craft conference held in Ventura, CA. Last time I tried to go to this conference (in the year that shall not be named (ok, 2020), I had also planned to stop by Joshua Tree and get some desert hiking and zen on.

While the Joshua Tree part of my trip won't be happening this time, I am over the moon to get to attend in April, and teach at the conference. Plus, I'm looking forward to being in warmer, dryer weather than Seattle.

Yes, Ventura, isn't by the desert per say, it's more by the water, my brain still connects it with a desert. So as I've been looking forward to April, I've been dreaming up all sorts of desert designs and this one felt perfect for us to stitch with Pattern Club this month.

I played around with the satin stitch, long and short satin stitch, back stitch, seed stitch, French knot, and detached chain stitch to create the different textures in our landscape this month.

Like all my patterns, this one will offer you a materials list, recommend fabric, walk you through how to measure, split, cut, and knot thread, as well as guide you through the pattern and all the stitches. The pattern is packed with photos to help you along the way too.

So have fun thinking warm thoughts and stitching the Desert Meadow with Pattern Club this month! BTW, you won't find this pattern anywhere else. It's a club member exclusive.

Happy stitching,



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